Met Gala Monday

This year’s Met Gala saw all types of looks ranging from incredible to horrendous.


The year 2021 saw a return in award shows, red carpets and everything in between. After the past few years being cancelled or postponed due to Covid-19, the Met Gala returned this past Monday, September 13 and did not disappoint. Andrew Bolton gave the theme of “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion” to the countless celebrities that attended this year, and every celebrity interpreted it differently based on what American fashion means to them. This theme brought plenty of incredible looks from celebrities, but on the other hand it brought out some of the worst looks seen in awhile.

We can’t talk about the Met Gala without discussing the queen who arrived fashionably late Monday night; In a full Balenciaga gown, Rihanna made a long anticipated appearance. This look is my favorite outfit of the evening, as she dazzles in a silver choker and headpiece that accentuate the black puffy dress she wore. I think that the dark eyeshadow and lip shade stayed true to who she is, while also topping her past looks. 

Another look that I adored was Lil Nas X’s multiple outfit changes that glistened under the Met’s lights. Though this was his first time attending this event, he did not let down fans with his three outfit changes. He started out in a full body dress, then revealed a shiny gold iron suit, and finally into a bedazzled gold jumpsuit; all done by Versace. These outfits left me speechless and were definitely impressive to viewers like me. 

On the other hand, there were some celebrities who did not reach the mark in the fashion world. The first celebrity who comes to mind is Shawn Mendes who wore a black suit, minus the shirt underneath. In this awful look, Mendes appears to be wearing suspenders and two belts around his pants as well as a silver chain around his neck. This outfit did not do it for me in any way. I dislike the lack of a shirt on him, especially at an event like the Met Gala, and the accessories don’t scream fashion statement to me, but more tasteless. 

Topping off the worst dressed of the Met Gala is Kim Petras who wore Collina Strada Monday night. She arrived in a dress with a huge horse head portrayed on the front and a long braided ponytail that represented a horse’s tail. This dress, while somewhat understanding the American ideal theme, looks like it could come straight from the Justice juniors department. It is incredibly tacky, and compared to the high fashion looks of the night was my least favorite dress worn. 

Throughout the Met Gala, fans got to see their favorite celebrities and decipher for themselves whether or not they enjoyed the looks presented that night.