A Tale as old as Time

Why “Old” Disney Remains Superior to it’s Newer Counterparts

Sure, the modern-day Disney movies are loveable in many different ways, but there’s something that’s just so captivating about Disney’s classics. Whether it’s the stories, songs, or the overall nostalgia, old Disney movies remain timeless. Modern-day Disney has given the public many fan favorites, but so many of these movies lack the essence of magic that only the classics possess. 

CINDERELLA- Cinderella just might be one of Disney’s most iconic movies of all time. Many people immediately think of Cinderella when thinking of Disney. Not only does this movie have beautiful songs, animation, and storytelling, but this film includes Walt Disney himself, something that the live-action obviously lacked. The live-action was beautiful in many ways, but it was unable to capture the true essence of Cinderella. The original Cinderella was what saved Walt Disney Animations, and it was the building block to the rest of Disney’s success. Without Cinderella, both classical and modern-day disney would not exist, hence why the live-action remake will never compare to what came before. 

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST- The best way to describe Beauty and the Beast is exactly as it is: a tale as old as time. The beautiful story, animation, music, themes, and lovable characters all make up the well-deserved praise this movie has received ever since it first came out. Beauty and the Beast is one of those movies that will always stick to you, and that truly defines the essence of Disney. Many years later, a live-action remake was brought to the big screen, and it received many mixed reviews. Some say it was able to capture the magic of the original while others say it failed to do so. Even with the live-action’s additional songs and CGI, it will never be able to live up to its predecessor. 

MULAN- Mulan broke many barriers when it first came to the big screen. This movie, a story about how a young woman disguised herself as a man in order to fight for her country, inspired many young girls everywhere that they could do anything they put their minds to and no one could tell them otherwise. Mulan became a household favorite with its powerful message, interesting storyline, iconic songs, and some of the most beloved characters in the Disney franchise. However, after watching the live-action remake from 2020, it was clear that it lacked the trademark Disney magic that only the original Mulan possessed. In order to stay true to the legend of Mulan, the live-action was neither a musical nor included many main characters such as Li Shang and Mushu. Despite the live-action trying to remain historically accurate, most fans find their way back to the original Mulan as it’s not only nostalgic, but it also gives many fans a sense of comfort knowing that the movie they know and love is still there. 

Even though modern-day Disney has given fans many beloved films, old Disney movies will always be the blueprint. The classics have given the world many beloved characters, stories, music, and so much more. The nostalgia old Disney movies bring is unmatched, and it shows just how magical Disney truly is.