Parking Lot Plight


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Congested parking lot

Almost every student at Elkhorn South can relate to the struggle of making it to school in time to get a good parking spot. Every morning it is a scramble to jump out of bed, eat breakfast, and dash off to school. While most people would consider a good parking spot to be right in front of the door, or at least in view of the school’s entryway, Elkhorn South students know one can only hope. The struggle only continues after school, when students try and swindle their way out of class early to hop in their car before the mad rush hits. Quite frankly, it’s a surprise that no accidents have happened in the parking lot this year. I guess that students have gotten used to dodging those cars that think speeding through the lot like they are in a police chase is a good idea. Now that I think about it, I’ve definitely learned to watch out for those types of drivers, along with those who pointedly don’t make eye contact with you as they pull out in front of your car, even though it was your turn! Although, I can’t pass judgement on that group, because as much as I wouldn’t like to admit it, I definitely fall into it. I mean what’s the harm in not waiting your turn when you have places to be and things to do? 

This is exactly the issue with the Elkhorn South parking lot. It was designed for students who want to sit in their car for 25 minutes every time they enter and exit it. It’s designers have clearly never encountered the rush of hundreds of teenagers running through the hallways, and then fighting over who gets to pull out of the lot first. It’s not unlike kindgergartener’s mad dash for the playground equipment at recess. The only difference is that now those kindergarteners have been handed expensive cars, and are told to maneuver them through a war zone. At least I feel like a soldier in a war zone. 

The metaphor begins 5 minutes prior to the bell ringing, when I stealthily try to make my way to the front of the room without my teacher noticing (sorry Mrs. Hossley). Once the bell rings, I am shoving my way through the sea of students, while trying not to look like an idiot. The 60 pound backpack and huffing and puffing due to my mask don’t help. Neither does the ice; it’s only a matter of time before I trip. Before I continue, I feel the need to make a little side note- while yes, I do make it to school early every day, and while yes I could have my choice of parking spots I purposely park in the back of the lot. Not the back of the row right in front of the school, nor the spots by the track, but ALL the way in the back. Like behind the tennis courts back. I know what you’re thinking… how can you write a story bashing on the parking lot, when you seemingly make it hard on yourself to get out quickly? 

In my opinion, the back of the lot is actually smart. Firstly (and to my dad’s enjoyment), I am able to avoid getting door dings. Despite the average high schooler not caring much about door dings, the back of the lot is surprisingly perfect for making a quick escape. When parking in the main rows, everyone pulls out in front of you, and from my experience it’s not fun having your back up cam sound like it’s going to blow up from cars getting too close. 

No matter the parking spot, all students can agree that the ESHS parking lot is not a fun place to be in at 3:20 Monday-Friday. My best piece of advice: when you hear that bell ring at the end of the day, you better start to run, or else you won’t get to your car before traffic starts to hit!