The Secret is in the Sweets

A look into a Pennsylvanian bakery’s take on the 2020 election


Located in Hatboro, Pennsylvania – a family owned bakery, Lochel’s, has become a phenomenon throughout the nation, due to its annual election “cookie poll.”

Over the past four election cycles, the bakery has managed to accurately predict the president three consecutive times and counting.
The “cookie poll,” is based off of the overall amount of republican and democratic cookies sold; each cookie sold being counted as a vote.

The bakery began updating the nation on their ongoing “cookie poll,” after becoming an overnight sensation due to being discovered by none other than Eric Trump, President Donald Trump’s son.
While the 2020 presidential election winner is yet to be announced, owner Kathleen Lochel stated that as of Tuesday night, she would stop counting cookie “votes.”

The final tally over the “cookie poll”as of Tuesday November 3rd, determined the winner of the 2020 presidential election as – Trump.
With over 37,000 cookies sold throughout the election, the Trump cookies outsold the Biden cookies with 31,804 cookies sold compared to 5,750 Biden cookies sold.
However, the bakery announced that they will be debuting a celebratory cookie for the winner of the election.


Kathleen Lochel explained in an interview to FOX news that the infamous “cookie poll” was created to serve as an amusing take on the election to customers, not in any way trying to make a political statement.
“It brings people together regardless of the Democrats or Republicans,” stated Lochel.