The Typical Fall

Fall is a season full of stereotypes, my personal favorite to partake in is baking cookies and pies all month long. I love making the kitchen smell like cinnamon and caramel, my personal favorite to bake is an apple pie. 

I love making apple pie because making the filling and cutting up the apples can be so fun, and sometimes you have just a little bit to spare to throw in some oatmeal for tomorrow’s breakfast. In all honesty, making apple pie is super east too. I always make my crust, in an attempt to make myself feel like a contestant on The British Baking Show, even though it never turns out just right. Although my crust recipe hasn’t been perfected yet, I still love to make it. 

The plus about pie is that you can buy premade pie crust and don’t have to go through the painstaking process of trying to make the dough, waiting for it in the fridge, and rolling it out, all for it to fold and ruin its shape and have to start rolling it out once more.

Luckily the filling is a lot easier, and more fun to make, as long as you can refrain from eating too much of it. The filling I normally make is a concoction of vanilla, cinnamon, sugar, cloves, and of course, the apples. It’s so easy to make I never even use exact measurements, it just depends on what flavor you want. Last time I made it I went pretty heavy with the cinnamon and sugar and didn’t put a lot of cloves or vanilla for flavor, admittedly I was pretty excited for the beginning of Fall.

I have only made an apple pie one time this Fall, but I plan on making it many more. Personally, my perfect Fall season has to have lots of baking in it. Since Halloween is on a Saturday this year, I expect to have a lot of baked treats the next Sunday. After all, baking might make everything seem a bit more normal right now, which is something I am sure many could benefit from.