COVID-19 Found Dead After Celebrity Cover of Imagine


The COVID-19 virus has affected everyone and their ways of living. Death tolls are rising, schools are closing, airlines have become abandoned. The virus has even led to California, New York, and Illinois forcing a statewide quarantine. But while Corona seems to be destroying the concept of a normal life, Hollywood’s beloved stars come together to…. sing? 

I’m sure by now we’ve all stumbled upon the video of Gal Gadot, Sia, and other beloved celebrities come together and sing an off-key rendition of John Lennon’s Imagine. While they were probably hoping this would raise spirits and help bring a pandemic-torn world come together, it really just made us all stare at our screen with a blank face and tweet about how bad it was.

However, people aren’t mad because they were off-key, they’re mad because these people have the funds to help the people in need during these times. Celebrities aren’t obligated to donate any of their money to charities, but how else would people react when some millionaires sit in their $11 million home and sing a song, while medical workers are risking their lives and not being provided the materials they need? Or while millions of people are out of a job and they can’t find enough food to support their family? While their intentions were good, people can’t help but wonder what the point was and why they aren’t doing more. 

But it’s also important we recognize all the celebrities who are offering help. There are plenty of famous actors, athletes, and others raising money and awareness. One major event cancelled due to the virus was the National Basketball Association’s season. Due to the cancellation of the NBA’s entire season, many workers are out of work and have no source of income for a prolonged period of time. This led to the New Orleans Pelicans player, Zion Williamson, offering to pay the salaries of the entire staff of the Smoothie King Center. Another athlete, Kevin Love of the Cleveland Cavaliers, also donated over $100,000 to the staff of the Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse. Other pop-culture figures have donated to different relief funds and programs. Singer and actress Rihanna donated $5 million to the COVID-19 response team, and Donatella Versace donated $200,000 to Italian hospitals. While some celebrities sing, these celebrities are lending a helpful hand and are going above and beyond to help throughout this strange and dark time. 

While the COVID-19 virus is creating hysteria all across the globe, it is important that we all do our part. Not all of us are able to donate to these different charities, but staying home, washing our hands, and distancing ourselves when in public, are the best ways to help lessen the number of Corona cases. And, if you’re feeling gloomy, you can watch some celebrities attempting to one-up each other while singing Imagine by John Lennon.