I AM Okay With This

No spoilers!


Netflix has released yet another coming-of-age teenage superhero TV show. This time it follows Sydney Novak, a 17 year old girl dealing with a bundle of emotions after her dad’s suicide. I Am Not Okay With This was released this Thursday, featuring Sophia Lillis as the main character, Sydney. The show itself is an easy watch with 7 episodes, each about 20 minutes long. However, it features complex characters and well developed plotlines. 

    Throughout the show, Sydney narrates through her diary and works to figure out what’s wrong with her. And by that, It’s not just regular teen stuff, but something of a more supernatural background. Sydney realizes she has telepathic abilities that come out whenever she’s upset. Now, she has to navigate high school AND telepathic powers, with the help of her friends Dina and Stanley. 

    The characters of the show were pretty well-developed for such a short series. The audience follows Sydney (Sophia Lillis) and her not-so-normal, teenage life. Sydney befriends Stanley (Wyatt Oleff), the boy next door. While he’s more of the comic relief side character, the show still developed his character. Dina (Sofia Bryant) is Sydney’s best friend. While she doesn’t get as much screen time as the other two, Bryant’s acting allows her to be a likeable and memorable character. 

    Personally, I enjoyed, and I hate saying this, the vibe of the show. It almost feels as if it’s set in the 90s, rather than present day. The soundtrack, cinematography, and the editing were all done beautifully. Someone could screenshot any scene of the show and it could make an amazing Twitter header.

    While I enjoyed many aspects of the show, I had one concern. The show was pretty formulative. It wasn’t necessarily an exact copy of other Netflix shows, but it still felt very similar to shows like Stranger Things and The End of the F****** World

Overall, I really enjoyed the show. It was entertaining, easy to watch, and visually pleasing. The characters were developed and the actors did a good job bringing the graphic novel characters into life. I would recommend this show to everyone waiting for season 4 of Stranger Things