Mornings with Mila


As the saying goes, “the early bird gets the worm.” Which is applied very literal in my house. 

Hey Mila, What do you want to watch? And here let me give you the last doughnut!  Are phrases never used in the morning at my house. My household tends to live in their own bubble. Where no one caters to others.

Despite not getting that doughnut or getting to watch Gilmore Girls, I actually love this unspoken routine in my house. It provides a productive and peaceful space. 

And I’ve found that on the days that we do sleep in, everyone’s a complete mess. Mom is always yelling a brigade of questions: Have you made your bed yet? Have you sent out those thank you cards yet? Who stole my bracelet? I’m usually screaming at my brother for eating all the “good” food. Which turns our day sour way too fast. 

Now don’t get me wrong on those early morning there’s still someone yelling at the other person over something so stupid. But we all for some reason have this understanding that we got up early to accomplish something, so we need space.

Recently, I realized that having a chatty-Cathy mom mixed with a dad who starts work at three am has turned me into a lover of early mornings. Through this I’ve acquired the skill of holding a conversation while being productive in all atmospheres.  


I know there are many medical benefits to waking up early, but here’s some of my unprofessional advice of why getting up early is so amazing.  

So much more can be done knowing that I am one step ahead of all my peers. Even if it’s something as little as brushing my teeth. It allows me to feel prepared for anything life has for me.

I’ve discovered waking up early naturally gives me a boost of energy. That allows me to start my day without having five mental breakdowns on where I put that dang jacket.  


With starting your day earlier there is an endless amount of activities that can only be done before dawn; Watching the sunrise, getting breakfast from that one diner with all the regulars, playing a peaceful round of golf, or meditating in pure serenity. 

One of my favorite being, going to the airport and getting on a plane at the crack of dawn. I love it more than anything in the world. Put me in an airport at four am and I will be the world’s happiest girl. 

Turning into an early riser has longevity in being a happy person. Next time that annoying alarm goes off way too early, get your butt out of bed.