Snow Day Superstitions


It’s been a tradition of childhood for decades. First comes the forecast from the weatherman and with it, comes the anticipation of the flakes that began to drift. All night long, eager students are overcome by the excitement to see how much snow has accumulated, and then wait for the news  to announce what they’ve all been waiting for:No school. 

I don’t know about you, but I can attest that having a snow day is a really great feeling that most look forward to. If you are looking to get out of work or school for a day, why not try and get a snow day? There are a lot of superstitions and weird things you can do the night before to supposedly wake up to a bunch of snow.

Although some enjoy watching the forecast and seeing what the news has to say, some others like to have what one may call “snow day superstitions”. The so-called  superstitions are thrilling and leave people excited and anticipating a snow day. After asking some ESHS students, many reported that they not only love snow days, but that they have some interesting traditions that help them “predict” or cause this snow day to occur. Senior, Sam Lutt said that he “uses a snow day calculator” to see the likelihood of getting a snow day. Another highly mentioned superstition was to pour ice cubes down the toilet and wear their pj’s backwards. 

 Whether you choose to partake in these snow day rituals or not, they are a fun way to get yourself excited for a day off of school. So make sure to do whatever you think will cause us to get more snow days, because as a student body, we would love to have a few days off.