POV: Red’s Sus

POV: Red's Sus

I walk into Electrical, tense and on high alert. The chances of getting killed by the imposter were high here. I start my task, trying to connect the wires as fast as possible. I thought to myself, ‘Just one more wire, and I’ll be free to go.’ I finish my task, and out of the corner of my eye, I see Red, entering through the vent. There’s not much I can do, my death is inevitable.
Among Us, a game on PC and mobile, has garnered a massive crowd in the past few weeks. While the game was released in July, it’s popularity has shot up almost overnight. It’s safe to assume this is the result of famous steamers playing the game.
The game is relatively simple. Inspired by the game Mafia, Among Us is about a spaceship containing crewmates and an imposter/imposters. The goal for the crewmates is to vote out the imposter, while the imposter’s is to survive the votings and kill the crewmates. Crewmates are assigned tasks to do while on the ship, while the imposter has fake tasks in order to pass off as a regular crewmate. Players are allowed to call meetings, where they can report dead bodies or if they found the imposter. The game is based on strategy, especially if you’re the imposter.
While the game may seem violent, the animation makes it almost cute, as all the crewmates are small blobs. When a player is killed, there’s no blood, just a cut blob and the ghost of the player. You can also customize your little blob, as there is a variety of colors and accessories available.
I actually didn’t download the game on my own will, as I’m not the biggest fan of video games (mainly due to the fact I am extremely bad at them). Instead, a friend of mine was pestering me about downloading the game. I was hesitant, but eventually caved in, after they told me I could make my character wear an egg. At first, I was quite confused. I didn’t know where anything was and I got voted off in the first round. But, as I played more games, I got used to the pacing and layout of the game, and soon enough, I was hooked.
If you’re looking for a fun way to kill some time, Among Us is available on the IOS App Store and PC. You can choose to play online with random players around the world, or you can create your own game and invite your friends. Either way, the game is fun and entertaining. I highly recommend this game to anyone, even if you’re like me and are terrible at video games.